Pecan and Rosemary Crusted Chicken with Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce

Pecan Chickenfinal3

Fast, fresh and so easy you will be whipping this up on a regular basis! This is my go to dinner.  When I can't possibly drag my blogging butt to the kitchen to cook.  I remember how good and easy this is. Not to mention healthy! It lifts those plain old chicken breasts to a new level. (you think I'm gonna make a breast lifting joke here don't you?  I am a pillar of strength today and I am going to show some maturity...killing me!). I first started with Macadamia Nut … [continue]

How to Oven Bake Quinoa, White and Brown Rice!

Quinoa How to Bake

For all my cooking prowess, I can not make a good pot of rice or quinoa on the stove top.  I am a pot stirrer.  I need to go to pot stirring anonymous.  ‘Hello, my name is Kathi and I can’t stop stirring the pot’.  Seriously, it’s like I know I’m not supposed to do it,  but […]


Grilled Salmon Burgers with Avocado Salsa


This is a recipe re-do…an up-do really!   It’s a take off of my Fast and Fresh Salmon Burgers that were posted wayyyyy back in March of 2015.  Seems just like yesterday guys…. I added a bit of poblano and a heaping scoop of avocado salsa.  If you are not familiar with poblano peppers, boy are you in for […]


Spinach, Berry and Pecan Salad with Strawberry Balsamic Vinaigrette

Berry Saladpour

Spinach and berries and balsamic oh my!  All that spring tucked into one big fresh salad…oh and don’t forget the pecans!  And avocado!  And feta!  This is one tasty salad combo and wait until you see how easy the dressing is to make! (I think I just exhausted my exclamation point allotment…so early in the post […]


Creamy One Skillet Chicken with Mushrooms and Orzo

Chicken, Mushroom OrzoFinal2

Do we ever tire of these 30 minute dinners? I’ve been cooking them a lot lately.  Mostly because I am so freakin’ tired of baked chicken that there are nights I’d rather not eat. (okay, that is never gonna happen…such a food drama queen).  But  I do get tired of the daily hum drum of […]


Easter Brunch Casseroles!

Easter Brunch 5.1

  Here are a few of my favorite brunch casseroles for your Easter celebration! Blueberry Cream Cheese French Toast Casserole with simple Blueberry Sauce: This can be made overnight or as little as three hours in advance.  It comes with a super simple blueberry syrup recipe that makes tons!   Mexican Breakfast Casserole: Corn tortillas […]


Blueberry & Cream Cheese French Toast Casserole

Blueberry Casserole final3

  The sun is out, the Easter bunny is on his way and there are egg size Reeses Peanut Butter Cups everywhere….life is perfect. I’ve been thinking about this recipe for some time and I was saving it for special.  Special is here!  Why is special here?  Well …ummmm,  because it’s spring time in Seattle!  (that […]


Skillet Chicken with Creamy Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

Skillet Red Pepper Chicken3

    In a world full of food no’s, this is a yes!  It’s creamy and full of flavor and you would think it was a big no,  but with only 1/4 cup of cream in the entire recipe…it’s a big old yes! A pureed jar of roasted red peppers is the base of this lovely […]


Hearty Beef and Mushroom Shepherds Pie

Shepherds Pie 3

  I really racked my brain trying to figure out what to call this dish besides just ‘Shepherds Pie’.  ‘Fabulous’, ‘Ultimate’ and ‘The Best’ were all contenders. But when I think of this dish…I think ‘Hearty’ all the way.    In my world of lightened up food, this is a rich and wonderfully comforting meal.  I […]


Baked Spaghetti with Chicken Parmesan Meatballs

Meatball Casserole3

  Do you remember that show called ‘Semi-Homemade’  with that really pretty blonde lady?  Not sure if it’s still on but this recipe is kinda like that. You use a few store bought ingredients along with a few fresh ones.   It’s a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll…no wait, thats Donnie […]


Italian Sausage and Mushroom Soup

Sausage SoupFinal

Fast, Fresh and Healthy!  You can whip up a big batch of this soup and feed your family for a few days with a enough left over for lunch! Over the years I have gotten in the habit of cooking a large pot of something on Friday nights to avoid having to cook over the […]


Cherry Pie Bars

Cherry BarsFG1

  Nothing says love like pie!  But I am not known for my pie making capabilities. Just thinking about rolling out pie crust and making the filling wears me out.  But I have a solution! Who’s your buddy? Who’s your pie pal!   You can have your pie and never have to worry about breaking out that […]