Ultimate Sour Cream Coffee Cake!

Sour Cream Coffee Cake

So after all my talk about weight loss in my last post,  Skinny Tomato Soup - here I am posting a fairly decadent recipe.  Well, I do it for you my friends.  I do it because I know, deep in your heart of hearts, you do not want skinny stuff thrown in your face every week while we are gearing up for the Holidays...am I right?  Do I know you?  I think so.... We went all out on this one.    No 'light' dairy products, no reduced sugar - it's just big.  Big flavors, big … [continue]

Skinny Tomato and Roasted Red Pepper Soup!

Skinny Tomato Soup1

  Here is one of my secret diet weapons!  Tomato and Roasted Red Pepper soup.  Coming in at only 80 calories a cup.  (That is exactly a cup in the photo by the way).  It’s hearty and healthy and great with a half a turkey sammie for lunch. I am the queen of dieting, a […]


Thai Chicken Burgers with Kicked up Ketchup!

Thai Chicken Burger2

  My experience with Thai food is fairly limited…not that we don’t like it….  we just don’t seem to get around to eating it – some new burger, fish and chip joint or wine bar downtown seems to get in the way!  I’ve always loved the idea of a spiced up burger and love sliced […]


Pumpkin Pie Spice Granola

Pumpkin Granola

My obsession with Pumpkin continues – and it ain’t over yet folks! I got more comin’ up after this! I’ve been making homemade granola for years.  I love it mixed in my yogurt and it makes great gifts when put in little cellophane bags or Mason jars.  The store bought stuff is just too high […]


Easy Strawberry Cake!


    Don’t you love when you can take something in your fridge that you were contemplating throwing out, and turn it into something perfectly wonderful?  I had these strawberries that were slowing shriveling up in the fridge. These were really good, expensive berries that somehow got pushed to the back …. left there to shrivel […]


Roasted Red Pepper Fettuccini with Creamy Feta Sauce

Red Pepper Fettuccini2

Roasted Red Pepper Fettuccini with Creamy Feta Sauce!  Well that just says comfort food all over the place.  If you are looking for a fast, easy and restaurant quality pasta dish,  you just found it! This comes together so quickly, with only a few ingredients.   You can lighten this up… but lets call this Saturday […]


Pumpkin Cinnamon Duffins!

Pumpkin Duffins

            It’s a donut…It’s a muffin…It’s a Duffin!  And it’s fan-tabulous! I don’t say this about every recipe (okay…I say this about every recipe).  But you really need to try these! These little things melt in your mouth.  At our Seattle Pike Place Market, we have a little donut stall that […]


Baked Polenta Pie

Baked Chicken Polenta Pie

  Comfort food at it’s finest!  Bring on the Seattle rains…I’m good to go!  All I need is this casserole, a spoon,  a little grated parm  and an old movie.  Oh, and wine. Definitely some good red wine! Polenta makes the crust of this beauty and the filling is a thick ragu of ground chicken, tomatoes, […]


Pumpkin Cheese Cake Bars

Pumpkin Bars1

  It’s fall which means only one thing to me…Pumpkin in everrrryyyyttthhhinggggg!    First up is Pumpkin Cheese Cake Bars.  Cheesecake with frosting on it….how can you go wrong? I brought a few of them to work and my pal Dana went bonkers…no really, I thought she was going to choke sucking the bits of pumpkiny goodness […]


Spinach, Bacon, Feta and Mandarin Orange Salad

Spinach Salad

  My TBT recipe!   My daughter will be impressed that I even know what TBT stands for! (okay I had to ask her when I first started to see it on Facebook).  And to my Mom, who I know is reading this, it stands for “Throw Back Thursday”!  It’s where we go back and re-live the glory days!  In my […]


5 Favorite Things!


  I wanted to share a few of my favorite things – makes me feel like Oprah! Did I ever tell you I met her?  Well, not really met…but I shook her hand and she looked at me and it was like…wow! She has so much energy you can feel it when she touches you! Look […]


Fresh Raspberry Vinaigrette


  All pink and ready to party!  Fresh Raspberry Vinaigrette – comes together in a minute and will brighten up your same old, same old salad! I am not sure what took me so long to make this – (could have been the lack of raspberries in the fridge I suppose)….but never the less – once I tried it, […]