Creamy Slow Cooker Mashed Potatoes

Slow Cooker Mashed Potatoe2

Super easy and creamy mashed potatoes!  Cooked and mashed up in your slow cooker.   Cooking and mashing up these taters in the slow cooker gives you and your oven a little more time and space. The secret to the creamy texture is using Yukon Gold Potatoes (or sometimes just called Gold potatoes).  They are creamy with a lovely yellow color.  Using Russet potatoes in the slow cooker can turn your mashed potatoes mushy and kinda brown.  Red potatoes will work in a pinch, but … [continue]

Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Cinnamon Pecan Crunch

Sweet Potato Casserole

Nothing brings out the flavor of veggies like roasting them!  I love the fresh taste of the potatoes in this dish.    You can actually taste the sweet potatoes in your sweet potato casserole…what a concept! The topping is plenty sweet with brown sugar, cinnamon and pecans.    A great mix of fresh and sweet.  Super easy  MAKE […]


Herb Stuffed Turkey Breast Wrapped in Prosciutto

Turkey Roll pic monkey

I am a huge klutz…cute, but klutzy    I have the most horrible photo shoot set up.  I actually set my tripod in my sink. My kitchen window has the best light and when it comes to photography, I need all the help I can get!   While taking my photos for this gorgeous rolled turkey breast, I knocked […]


Cheesy Potato Casserole

Potato Casserole8

  Cheesy, creamy and CRUNCHY Potato Casserole!  Check out that crunch guys…and the cheese! And did I mention you can MAKE THIS AHEAD!  Super perfect holiday recipe! Full disclosure,   I used frozen hash brown potatoes.  I know!  Hard to believe it myself, being such a scratch kinda cook, but what a pleasant little surprise they […]


Easy Make Ahead Mushroom Gravy

Gravy Final Final

  Make ahead recipes on Thanksgiving day are a gift!  This easy and big flavored gravy is made with a combination of chicken and beef broth that makes the mushroom flavor go zing! By simply browning the onions and mushrooms for a few minutes in a skillet,  the flavor goes from zero to 60.   It makes […]


Mexican Breakfast Cassserole

Mexican Chicken Casserole1b

The perfect, MAKE AHEAD breakfast or brunch casserole!  Pin this now guys, it’s perfect for the upcoming holiday season! Whats to love about this casserole?  How about sausage, egg, corn tortillas, a bit of chilies, some peppers and of course cheese!  All soaked overnight in eggs and half and half.  Everything gets all soft and lovely so when […]


The Best Chocolate Cake!

Chocolate Cake Final

  This is the second time I have made this, the first batch didn’t last long enough to take pictures.  I don’t know who ate it, I just woke up the next day and it was gone. mmmmmm, hate that when that happens. This time, I snapped a few pics before it went AWOL.  You can […]


Gnocchi Sausage and Spinach Soup

Gnocchi Soup3a

    A recipe re-doooo !   I first posted this in December of 2011.  It is the most popular soup recipe on this blog.   It’s good….like really good,  but as mentioned in previous posts,   I am a much better cook than a speller.  Seems I misspelled Gnocchi on my original post.  Left out the “H”.   What the H? My […]


Baked Parmesan and Dijon Crusted Chicken

Dijon Parm Crusted Chicken

Another crunchy, crusty, easy recipe for you!  Who doesn’t like crunchy stuff?  Everybody loves crunchy stuff right? This is right on the heels of my Herb and Feta Crusted Salmon that I posted last week.   Gettin’ my crunch on this fall! This is one of the recipes, that once you make it, you will […]


Feta and Herb Crusted Salmon

Feta Salmon

    Do you guys ever get tired of me blogging about how easy my recipes are?  I feel like that’s the first thing I say on every post….well here I go again!  This recipe is soooo easy!  No, really it is! It’s Feta, a few fresh herbs, lemon and salmon.  That’s it.  Comes together in about 3 minutes […]


Pumpkin Pecan Crunch Muffins

Pumpkin Muffin1a

    Super crunchy topping and a lot of it!  The top is the best part of a muffin and this recipe gives you double stuff! You can make these jumbo or regular size.  These jumbo muffins are made in a regular size muffin tin….I just use jumbo muffin cups.  How clever is that?   My local […]


Slow Cooker Beef Barley Soup

Beef Barley Soup1

  Without question, my favorite food season is Fall.  Soups, stews, all things that cook all day and make my house smell like a food dream.  Things served with bread….lots of bread and lots of butta… I don’t use my slow cooker enough.  I find that most of the dishes come out a bit opaque and […]